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Pre-ordering available for the Australian Premier 1st Grade Statistics – 1st Edition

Pre-ordering is now available for the Australian Premier 1st Grade Statistics – 1st Edition (2020/21).

Cost is $20 is will be available in electronic format from mid May at this stage.

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The format of the book will be:

1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction
3. Covid Affected Matches (competitions and rounds affected by COVID-19)
4. Premiers (every grade of each Premier Cricket Competition)
5. Teams (a list of every Premier 1st Grade Club)
6. Grounds (a list of every ground used by a 1st Grade Club in 2020/21)
7. Dual Team Players (a list of players who played 1st Grade for two different clubs)
8. Overseas Players (a list of every overseas qualified player to play 1st Grade in 2020/21)
9. Overall Statistics (Male)
10. Overall Statistics (Female)
11. 1st Grade Tables (for each competition)
12. Match Summaries and Grand Final Scorecards (every 1st Grade and a full scorecard for every 1st Grade Final)
13. State Statistics (for all seven states)
14. Team Statistics (for each club)

Match Summaries – Round 1 Queensland Premier 1st Grade

Round 1 – 5 September 2020

Sandgate-Redcliffe 8-274 (LA Thompson 74, BE Street 71, LJ Aspin 40, AJ Gode 4-46, JD Wildermuth 2-47) lost to Valley 2-275 (UT Khawaja 124no, LD Pfeffer 82, AJ Gode 54) by 8 wickets at Trevor Hohns Oval, Deagon.

Western Suburbs 8-259 (SJ Truloff 65, I Snell 51, SJ Paulsen 48, BE Maher 3-49, ST Gardiner 2-34, AF Renouf 2-44) defeated Sunshine Coast 8-214 (A Lovell 77, JB Turnbull 54no, A Watterson 2-33) by 45 runs at Kerry Emery Oval, Buderim.

University of Queensland 225 (J Coetzee 65, SO Henry 57, SD Heazlett 2-36, J Sumner 2-37, JJ Bazley 2-41) lost to Redlands 5-226 (S Milenko 83, LJ Drennan 60no, JJ Peirson 53, N Sale 2-47) by 5 wickets at Peter Burge Oval, Wellington Point.

South Brisbane 187 (BCJ Cutting 68, J Eccles 31, S Hele 3-23, C Sully 3-43, NA McSweeney 2-21) lost to Northern Suburbs 8-188 (M Dawson 41, TA Healy 40, P Farrell 35, JM Ward 2-21, JR Rosewarne 2-27, BCJ Cutting 2-44) by 2 wickets at Norman Gray Oval, Fairfield.

Toombul 227 (HC McNeilly 52, P White 44, CL Knight 38, PW Cotter 32, K Wisniewski 4-38, H Burdon 3-42) lost to Gold Coast 6-229 (H Burdon 71, J Kann 68no, J Cooper 41, CL Knight 2-59) by 4 wickets at Ken Mackay Oval, Nundah.

Ipswich 7-260 (LJ Thomson-Matthews 59, DP Wilson 49, JW Cross 31no, H Wood 26, W Crook 2-38) defeated Wynnum/Manly 227 (G Jones 48, TL Floros 38, J Wilson 36, S Graham 30, S Lutter 4-23, B Llewellyn 2-35, JP Wood 2-49) by 33 runs at Baxter Oval, Amberley.

2016/17 Sydney Grade Cricket Statistical Review

Below is the 2016/17 Sydney Grade Cricket Statistical Review. This covers all NSW Premier Cricket Competitions including Grades 1st to 5th, the 1st Grade Limited Overs Competition, The Kingsgrove Sports T20 Cup, Poidevin-Gray Shield and the AW Green Shield.

Please let me know of any errors that you may have noticed in it.

Sydney Grade Cricket Review 2016-17Sydney Grade Cricket Review 2016-17