Unusual Sheffield Shield Debut Record

When Harry Nielsen and Nick Winter made their Sheffield Shield debut in the second half of the 2017/18 Australian season, they became only the fifth pair of debutants to create an unusual record.

Harry Nielsen made a century in the South Australian 1st Innings and Nick Winter took 5 wickets in the Victorian 1st Innings, they became only the fifth pair of Sheffield Shield debutants to score a century and take 5 wickets in an innings on debut.

The first pair that did this record was in the first Sheffield Shield match in 1892/93 at the Adelaide Oval when Harry Donnan made 120 in New South Wales’ total of 337 and then Michael Pierce took 8 for 111 in 46.3 overs in the South Australian innings.

The second pair that did this unusual feat was in the next Sheffield Shield match, when New South Wales travelled to the Melbourne Cricket Ground to take on Victoria in their inaugural Shield match. Batting first, New South Wales was dismissed for just 197 with Bob McLeod taking 6 for 54. In reply Victoria made 375 with William Bruce making 128.

It took another 54 years for these feats to be added to. It was in the 1946/47 season, which was the Sheffield Shield’s first season after the end of World War II. In their first home match of the season at the MCG, Victoria after winning the toss and batting first made 543 with debutant and future Test batsman Sax Loxton making an unbeaten 232 in just 334 minutes. In reply, Allan Jinks in his first Sheffield Shield match (after playing two first-class matches against Tasmania in 1935/36) took 5 for 42 off 20 overs with his off breaks.

45 years later, it was a pair from Western Australia to join the list in 1991. Western Australia travelled to Junction Oval in St Kilda to take on Victoria. Mark Lavender made 118 off 300 balls to score a century on debut, putting on a 194 run partnership with Graeme Wood. Western Australia declared on 6 for 418. In reply, Victoria were dismissed for 342 with future England bowler Martin McCague taking 5 for 105 on debut.

And finally, in February 2018, the most current pair of debutants made the list. Harry Nielsen made his Sheffield Shield debut and made 105 off 182 balls, helping South Australia make 379, in the process putting on 143 for the 7th wicket with Joe Mennie. In reply, Victoria fell just short of the South Australian total, being dismissed for 371. Former ACT player, Nick Winter on debut took 5 for 85 off 27 overs.

100 and 5 wickets on debut in the 1st Innings by debutants in a Sheffield Shield Match:

1892/93 – H Donnan/M Pierce (NSW v SA)

1892/93 – W Bruce/RW McLeod (Vic v NSW)

1946/47 – SJE Loxton/A Jinks (Vic v Qld)

1990/91 – MP Lavender/MJ McCague (WA v Vic)

2017/18 – HJ Nielsen/NP Winter (SA v Vic)

ACT Cricketers A to Z

As you may know I have been working on a number of writing projects. I have decided to delay the publication of the history of the Prime Minister’s XI book until next year as the Prime Minister’s XI match will be played in October this year instead of much later in the season. Therefore I hope the book will include the match as it is the 40th match in the series of matches.

I have now started work on a long term of project which will have all the details of every player to have played for the Australian Capital Territory which will incorporate the research I have been doing on the 755 players who have played for the Territory.

Below is the first page in the book which is a draft for feedback. Please let me know what you think of it through the comments field. The first page covers the players who have played for the ACT with the surname A.


ACT A to Z Page 1

ACT Players – Biographical Details

I am currently researching the biographical details of players who have played for the ACT. There are currently 756 players of which I am missing 169. The information that I am looking for are full names (including middle names), date of birth/death, place of birth/death, batting and bowling styles. Below are the players which I am currently missing and would appreciate any assistance in tracking these details down:

Findlay William M 1922/23
Byrnes Michael David 1923/24
Richards O 1923/24
Duff J 1923/24
Britton Albert Leonard 1924/25
Wilton EW 1924/25
Russell CE 1925/26
Carroll Keith Elgin 1926/27
McDermott S 1926/27
Hall Robert Leslie “Ted” 1926/27
Read Harold 1926/27
McKenzie Jock R 1927/28
Parker Roy George 1928/29
Richardson Martin 1928/29
Power Jack 1928/29
Curnow C 1929/30
Maloney Reg 1929/30
Sutherland George Sturt 1929/30
Brown Vincent Jeremiah 1929/30
Murphy Edward 1930/31
Gormley James G “Jim” 1931/32
Woods Harry 1931/32
Bourne Charles William “Charlie” 1931/32
Kevins C 1931/32
Maguire R 1931/32
McDonald N 1932/33
Hall Charles Alfred 1933/34
Hall William James 1933/34
Roseby John 1936/37
Evans William Albert 1937/38
Lewis Thomas 1938/39
Wilson K 1939/40
Fitzgerald H 1940/41
Chapman James 1945/46
McCarthy 1946/47
McDermott 1946/47
Cole R 1946/47
Murphy Jack 1947/48
Lynch Bernard “Barney” 1948/49
Bell W 1948/49
Conran J 1948/49
Burgess K 1950/51
Gibb Kevin Thomas 1950/51
Henderson William “Bill” 1951/52
Jolliffe Maxwell Hilton 1951/52
Loftus John Thomas 1953/54
Walker Graham 1953/54
Barker A 1954/55
Williams John 1954/55
Nash Len 1955/56
Senior P 1955/56
Collins A 1955/56
McClure Noel 1956/57
Nelson John 1956/57
Walker Doug 1956/57
Howe Robert 1956/57
James Brian Clyde 1956/57
Cirson R 1956/57
Seymour Fred 1956/57
Christensen Edward Frederick 1957/58
Wheeler John 1957/58
Irlam William Ronald 1957/58
Smith John 1957/58
Wheeler Malcolm 1957/58
Reid David 1957/58
Laurie Robert Stephen 1957/58
Webb John 1957/58
Strahan Barry Malcolm 1958/59
Hukins John Bernard 1959/60
Jones Barney 1959/60
Evans David William 1959/60
King Ken 1959/60
Hutchison Bruce 1960/61
Read Robert 1960/61
Smith Peter 1960/61
Curran Jim 1960/61
Smith Sydney Wilson 1960/61
Moore Ric 1960/61
Shearer Robert George 1960/61
Watson Cole 1960/61
Elliott Mal 1962/63
Preston Max 1962/63
Roberts Ken 1962/63
McPherson Colin Malcolm 1962/63
Canney Ian Geoffrey 1963/64
Strang Ross 1963/64
Duff Gordon 1963/64
Lange Laurie Francis 1964/65
Curran Brian 1965/66
Harvey Jim 1965/66
Bremner John B 1965/66
Coombes Denis 1965/66
Romney John 1965/66
Atkinson William 1966/67
Sutton Robert 1966/67
Wilson Kyle Ralph 1966/67
Dawson Graham Robert 1967/68
Howell Michael John 1967/68
Slacksmith Phil 1967/68
Booth Terrence 1967/68
Myers David Leslie 1967/68
Tuckwell Neil 1967/68
Carey Ernest Edward 1967/68
Marshall Robert 1967/68
Bennett David 1967/68
Hatch Ken 1967/68
Middleton Allan 1967/68
Edwards Ric 1967/68
Curtin Michael John 1968/69
Gibson Terry 1968/69
Mackay Ian 1968/69
Caldwell John 1968/69
Hegarty Don 1968/69
Morey Graham 1968/69
Barnes John 1968/69
Clews Guy Donald 1968/69
Cook Peter 1969/70
Etheridge Mike 1969/70
Harvey Bruce Edred 1969/70
Morgan Robert G 1969/70
Lloyd Brian 1969/70
Andrews Donald Keith 1970/71
Moore Ricky 1970/71
Philip Julian Mark 1970/71
Samuels Gary James 1970/71
Thompson Joe 1970/71
Boardman Wayne Rodney 1972/73
DeKretser Michael 1972/73
Manion John David 1972/73
Rowe Colin Keith 1973/74
Curtis MG 1973/74
O’Connell Barry G 1973/74
Pirjevic Zoran Anton 1973/74
Skinner Tim 1973/74
D’Arcy Tim 1973/74
Hyland Barry 1974/75
Bickle Peter John 1974/75
Matijevic Adolfo John 1975/76
Beacroft Greg 1977/78
Carland David John 1977/78
Cremer Gregory Paul 1977/78
O’Reilly Peter Ronald 1978/79
Stanek Peter 1978/79
Urquhart Mark 1978/79
Milner Richard 1979/80
Monaghan Peter 1979/80
Bush Graham Arthur 1980/81
Campbell Wayne 1980/81
Hore Graham Douglas 1980/81
Hannam Brett John 1980/81
Roberts Greg 1981/82
Williams Dave 1981/82
Gulbransen Peter 1981/82
Stone Kenneth Wesley 1982/83
Jones Stuart 1982/83
McElhinney Sean Michael 1982/83
Rowan John Nicholson 1982/83
Bradley Craig 1982/83
Hansby Francis John 1982/83
Miller Darren 1982/83
Brady Michael Anthony 1983/84
Ledger Andrew John 1983/84
Killer Mark James 1984/85
Shea Peter Joseph 1986/87
Steel Mark Richard 1986/87
Woods Neil Alexander 1989/90
McMahon Michael 1990/91
Macpherson Paul 1990/91
Lucas Jeffrey Paul 1990/91