Wallabies & Sydney 1st Grade Cricketers

Following on from my post on 1st Grade Rugby League and Sydney 1st Grade Cricketers. I have a list of 1st Grade cricketers who also represented the Australian Rugby Union side.

  • Patrick Carew
  • Otto Nothling
  • Johnny Taylor
  • Neville Emery
  • Jack Maddocks
  • Saxon White
  • Alec Ross
  • Percival Penman
  • Arthur Mayne
  • Alan Walker
  • John Solomon
  • David Knox
  • Eric Tweedale
  • Ron Biilmann
  • Ward Prentice
  • Stephen James

If anyone has any additions or those who have played for their state in Rugby Union and Sydney 1st Grade cricket please let me know.

1st Grade Cricket & Rugby League Players

There have been 40 players so far who have played 1st Grade cricket in the Sydney (now New South Wales) Competition and also 1st Grade in the NSWRL/ARL/NRL competitions.

  1. Ferris Ashton (Eastern Suburbs)
  2. Albert Bowden (Glebe)
  3. Leslie Cody (Eastern Suburbs)*
  4. Herbert Collins (Eastern Suburbs)*
  5. Bronco Djura (South Sydney, St George, Western Suburbs)
  6. George Duffin (Western Suburbs)
  7. Bill Farnsworth (Newtown)
  8. Andrew Fitzhenry (Penrith, Parramatta)
  9. Steve Funnell (St George, Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs)
  10. Reg Fusedale (South Sydney, St George)
  11. Reg Gasnier (St George)*
  12. Jack Gibson (Eastern Suburbs, Newtown, Western Suburbs)
  13. Tom Gillogly (Canterbury-Bankstown, Balmain)
  14. Frank Gilmore (Newtown, Balmain)
  15. Max Godfrey (Western Suburbs)
  16. John Gray (North Sydney, Manly-Warringah)
  17. Mark Hughes (Canterbury-Bankstown)*
  18. Garry Hughes (Canterbury-Bankstown)*
  19. Graeme Hughes (Canterbury-Bankstown)*
  20. Bill Ives (Glebe, Eastern Suburbs, St George)
  21. Les Johns (Canterbury-Bankstown)
  22. Ray Lees (Balmain)
  23. Ray Lindwall (St George)
  24. Jock Livingston (South Sydney)
  25. Des Mullarkey (St George)
  26. David Niu (St George)
  27. Rex Norman (Annandale, South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs)
  28. Corey Pearson (Balmain, St George, St George-Illawarra, Wests Tigers, Parramatta)
  29. Ward Prentice (Western Suburbs)
  30. Jack Raynor (South Sydney)*
  31. John Rheinberger (Eastern Suburbs)*
  32. Pat Richards (Parramatta, Wests Tigers)*
  33. Jack Scott (Newtown)
  34. Dudley Seddon (Newtown)
  35. James Smith (Eastern Suburbs/Sydney City, Western Suburbs, South Sydney)
  36. Geoff Spotswood (Western Suburbs, Canterbury-Bankstown)
  37. Roy Turner (University)
  38. Alan Walker (Manly-Warringah)
  39. Lyall Wall (Balmain, Annandale, Western Suburbs, St George)*
  40. George Wheatley (Balmain, North Sydney)

Those listed with asterisks have also played in a winning 1st Grade Rugby League Grand Final.

Only Jack Raynor (for South Sydney – Rugby League and Paddington – Cricket) and Graeme Hughes (for Canterbury-Bankstown – Rugby League and Petersham-Marrickville – cricket) have won 1st Grade Finals in Cricket and Rugby League.

Steve Funnell, Jack Gibson, Ray Lindwall and Rex Norman played in losing Grand Finals in Rugby League.

Rex Norman and Graeme Hughes are the only two players to play for New South Wales in both sports.

With thanks to David Middleton who supplied some of the information.

If anyone has anyone else who may fit into this category, please leave a comment or contact me through social media.