Adam Morehouse is a Cricket Statistician located in Canberra, ACT. He has been a cricket statistician for over 20 years and is currently the Statistician for Cricket New South Wales, Cricket ACT, Sydney Cricket Association (which covers both the NSW Premier Men’s and Women’s Competitions), the Australian Country Cricket Championships and also the Weston Creek Molonglo Cricket Club.

His cricket databases number well over 70,000 matches and include all International matches, and nearly all overseas First-Class, List A and Twenty20 matches played except for the England which is complete back to 1979.

He publishes Cricket Statistic publications at the start and end of each Grade Cricket Season and also published the book From Country to Comets in 1998. He has also acted as an International and First-Class scorer both in New South Wales and the ACT as well as a contributor to Wisden Australia, ABC Radio/TV and Foxtel. His successful Twitter handle has well over 1200 followers currently.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Adam
    Love your work!
    Wondering if you have or can provide stats for SACA Premier Grade 20/20 over the last decade?
    Any wicket- keeping/ fielding stats? I understand this is a big ask!
    Keep it up. Happy New Year!
    Garry Davis


  2. My name is Janine McGeechan and I am William Ronald Irlam’s daughter. He is now living with me in Canberra. His details are DOB 23 Jan 1935, his place of birth was Canterbury Hospital Sydney. His bowling style was opening bowler “fast”. He batted No 6 and he played for the following clubs: Turner and Manuka/Yarralumla.


  3. Hi Adam,

    I only really came across your website recently and it is fantastic – it covers a lot of things in grade cricket that i have been researching in my spare time. I added some comments today to your sections about those that have played Sydney 1st Grade Rugby League (Arthur Clues) and interstate rugby union (Sid King). I have always wondered why there was not more info on the grade cricket careers of Australian players on Cricinfo or Cricket Archive – surely they are as important as the Leagues in England.

    I have been researching the career of Archie Jackson and i note both in your statistical review of the history of Sydney Grade Cricket and on they NSW Premier Cricket website that it has his debut as being against Cumberland (round 2) on 06/10/1924 (Tuesday) at Birchgrove Oval, scoring 2 (batted # 8) and 10 (batted #1). However I believe that the research I have done strongly indicates that he played the week before against Paddington at Hampden Oval (27/9 and 4/10); however as Balmain appealed against the light on day 2 of the match he did not get to bat (and did not bowl). Only 10 Balmain players can be identified from batting, bowling and fielding – AJ is the only one missing. All 2nd grade players named played 2nd grade (id via batting, bowling and fielding)

    He played the trial game before the start of the season against Balmain Juniors and scored 72 and was named in the 1st grade squad in all the papers that week (no 12th man)- which also identified all the young players that would be in Balmain 1st grade. There is no mention in any paper i have seen of him being injured or named and dropped.

    I don’t know if this is something you would check with Colin Clowes at NSW cricket but thought you might be interested in following up.


  4. Adam

    Thanks, love these stats.

    Could you edit one page, please?

    Youngest century makers.

    Zak was born on 14.7.2004.

    14/15.3.2020 WCM v TV SF match 3175349


  5. Hi Adam,

    Great archival work here.

    As a kid playing at Mornington in Victoria I was fortunate to play under the wildly entertaining Graeme “Toad” Smith. He would make himself available me to everyone at the club from the top to bottom. He must have been in his late 60s when playing with us in the lower grades, but all in good humour.

    I would love to hear more of his fabled Canberra career. Do you have anything?


  6. Hi Adam
    I saw your recent post Most Runs as a Wicket-Keeper in NSW Premier 1st Grade. You had me down as 6525 and the CNSW records have me as 6679. I’m interested to know which is correct please? Thanks.


    1. Hi Mark. Overall I have you as 6679 career runs in 1st Grade but only as 6525 runs when you were listed as the keeper in a match. I may have some matches where you weren’t listed as the keeper for some reason. I will check through the matches to find the matches where 154 runs were scored when you weren’t listed as the keeper. Cheers, Adam


      1. Thanks Adam, I can’t recall ever not playing as a wicketkeeper in Sydney 1st Grade cricket. Thanks. Mark


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