2016/17 Sydney Grade Cricket Statistical Review

Below is the 2016/17 Sydney Grade Cricket Statistical Review. This covers all NSW Premier Cricket Competitions including Grades 1st to 5th, the 1st Grade Limited Overs Competition, The Kingsgrove Sports T20 Cup, Poidevin-Gray Shield and the AW Green Shield.

Please let me know of any errors that you may have noticed in it.

Sydney Grade Cricket Review 2016-17Sydney Grade Cricket Review 2016-17



4 thoughts on “2016/17 Sydney Grade Cricket Statistical Review”

  1. Hi Adam.
    Your stats review is terrific.
    I noticed you placed Parramatta 1st grade side coming 11th in the 2 day competition.
    They actually finished 4th.


  2. Outstanding collation of data Adam, many thanks from a very statistically interested female observer of Grade Cricket, love your work!


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