Happy 98th Birthday Cricket ACT

On this day in 1922, the Federal Territory Cricket Association was formed. This was the initial name of what has become known as Cricket ACT.

On the 19th of September, the Queanbeyan Age reported on a meeting held the previous Wednesday of delegates of various cricket clubs from around the region for the purpose of forming a Cricket Association.

The clubs represented were Ainslie, Cadets, Canberra, Duntroon, Eastlake (formerly known as Power House), Hall and Westridge (formerly known as Brick Bats). Queanbeyan sent an apology for their non-attendance.

Westridge was located around what is now known as as Yarralumla while Canberra was located close to where New Parliament House is now on Capitol Hill. Westridge drew their players from those who worked at the brickyards while Canberra drew their players from those workers engaged on the provisional Parliament House.

Ainslie was a mainly rural team with their home ground near where the Canberra Inn is located in Lyneham and Eastlake drew their players from the area which became the first retail area of Canberra and became known as Kingston.

Hall’s cricketers came from the village of Hall while Duntroon and Cadets drew their players from the Royal Military College. Teachers, Officers and staff played for Duntroon while as the name suggests the RMC Cadets played for the Cadets side.

After a discussion it was decided that an association be formed to be known as the “Federal Territory Cricket Association” and that all clubs within a radius of 10 miles from the Ainslie Post Office be eligible for affiliation. The motion was carried unanimously.

The second motion was decided that all Association matches be played on Saturdays. Matches were all of a single day’s duration and this was the case until the 1926/27 season when district cricket was introduced and matches became two-day matches.

Mr P.F. Douglas was elected as the Association’s first President and Mr L.R. Willis was elected as the General Secretary and Treasurer.

It was also decided that the board of control be composed of one member from each affiliated club.

The FTCA was renamed the Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association in 1927 when the Parliament was moved to Canberra from Melbourne and it was renamed again in 1937 when the Federal Capital Territory was renamed the Australian Capital Territory.


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