NSW Premier Cricket 1st Grade Statistical Guide

Please find attached a statistical guide for matches played in the New South Wales Premier 1st Grade Competition from 1893/94 until 2016/17. In total, there have been 15,411 First Grade matches played in the competition on 96 different grounds and 38 different clubs/associations. A further 537 matches have been abandoned.

It includes statistics from the two day competition under it’s various guises, limited overs competitions under various names (including the Rothman’s Cup) and the Twenty20 Competition under it’s various names.

This is the first time that this statistical guide has been completed. I have tried to have the statistics as complete as possible but due to the large number of matches, there are currently a number of inconsistencies in my database which is currently being worked through. Therefore there is a possibility that this guide may contain errors but they will be corrected throughout the season. Although there are a large number of statistics in this publication, the breadth and range of the statistics have been curtailed until such inconsistencies have been found. In future editions of this guide, there will be a greater range of statistics included.

I would like to give a huge thank you to Colin Clowes who allowed me to use his research in the publication of this guide.

Sydney 1st Grade Statistics Guide 2017-18

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