1st Grade Premier Cricket Research Project

After completing the 1st Edition of the Australian Premier Cricket Statistics Annual, I developed a much greater interest in the history of Premier Cricket in Australia. I have been collating the statistics for both the ACT and NSW Premier Cricket Competitions and I have decided to expand my research of Premier 1st Grade Cricket in Australia to cover all seven (7) Premier Cricket Competitions. To do this I have decided to create a Premier 1st Grade Cricket research project which will cover the following things.

Player List
Building a player list of every player to have played Premier 1st Grade. I have currently entered players from 210 teams out of 268 1st Grade sides. Out of the 58 missing clubs, only 14 of them are current clubs.From the player list I hope to research the biographical details of each player making note of those having achievements outside of cricket in fields such as Olympics, Politics, Other Sports (Rugby League, Rugby Union, Australian Football, Soccer, Tennis, etc) and War Time Service. Also from this list, I should be able to work out who has played in the most Premier 1st Grade competitons and for the most Premier Cricket Clubs.

Grounds List
Building a list of grounds used for Premier 1st Grade and building statistics based around each ground.

Clubs List
Building a list of Clubs that have played Premier 1st Grade and building statistics based around each club.

Match List
Building a Match List for every Premier Cricket Competitions. Following this, the aim would be to enter each scorecard into my database to generate statistics to find out who was scored the most runs or taken the most wickets in Premier 1st Grade Cricket across the country.

Currently I have 46,001 players in the list. There are multiples of players for when they have played for multiple clubs. I am also looking for players for clubs which now no longer exist, the most recent being Beenleigh Logan (Qld, 1994/95-2011/12), Elizabeth (SA, 1993/94-1996/97), and Salisbury (SA, 1965/66-1996.97).

One thought on “1st Grade Premier Cricket Research Project”

  1. Hi Adam – glad to pass on the tidbits I find – have already posted some other stuff which will help you on your other topics


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