ACT Premier Cricket Stats after Rd 13

Most Runs
727 RW Trickett
601 BS Dean
541 RTT Healy
501 MI Barrington-Smith
500 JE Myburgh
491 THO Vane-Tempest
485 DJ Solway
460 TJ Henry
455 TJ van Luin
448 SR Taylor
Most Wickets
38 DMR Bloomfield, ST Devoy
37 BJ Mitchell
25 HJ Jones
24 EJ Bartlett, TJ van Luin
22 SR Taylor
20 BJ Duffy, JJ Corbett, BW Thomas, D Foy
Most Catches
13 MD Solway
10 BJ Mitchell
9 PK O’Malvaney, DJ Leerdam, SC Taylor
8 RTT Healy, CM Devoy
Most Dismissals
22 JJ Staines
19 THO Vane-Tempest
18 TR Kellar
17 TJ Henry, JA Low-McMahon
9 K Doriga
7 TD Pollard, LA Whatmough

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