Australian International Cricket Scorers

To date there have been 179 known scorers who have scored International cricket in Australia or have been an Australian Scorer overseas. This includes Men’s and Women’s Tests, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals.

Of the 179 scorers, 10 have come from the Australian Capital Territory, 44 from New South Wales, 3 from the Northern Territory, 27 from Queensland, 25 from South Australia, 16 from Tasmania, 41 from Victoria, and 12 from Western Australia. 2 scorers have scored International matches while representing both the ACT and New South Wales.

There have been 2586 Scorer Appointments since the first Test Match in 1877. 830 in Men’s Test Matches, 1232 in Male One Day Internationals, 66 in Male T20 Internationals, 70 in Women’s Test Matches, 294 in Women’s One Day Internationals, and 94 in Women’s T20 Internationals.

Of these 2586, there are just 64 missing appointments – 5 in Male Test Matches, 2 in Male One Day Internationals, 8 in Women’s Test Matches, 46 in Women’s One Day Internationals, and 3 in Women’s T20 Internationals. All of the scorer appointments have been found for the Men’s Internationals.

107 scorers have scored Men’s Test Matches, 80 have scored Men’s One Day Internationals, 27 have scored Men’s T20 Internationals, 26 have scored Women’s Test Matches, 46 have scored Women’s One Day Internationals and 37 have scored Women’s T20 Internationals.

Mike Walsh has scored the most internationals with 316, Bill Ferguson is next with 208, then David Sherwood with 113, Tom Lowrey with 107, Judy Harris 99, Rita Artis 92, Kevin O’Neill 91, Ernie Cosgrove and Mike Ringham with 84, then Charlie Bull and Erica Sainsbury round out the top ten with 73.

Of the 179 scorers, 83 have scored 3 matches or less while only 53 have scored 10 matches or more. 10 scorers have scored matches overseas for Australia, the first being Nin Batchelor in 1890 and Merilyn Fowler was the last in 2009.

Below is a list of missing appointments. Those in bold have unconfirmed appointments based on other appointments in that season. Some matches are missing one appointment, some are missing both. Any help tracking down these appointments would be greatly appreciated.

Missing Scorer Appointments

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