Test Scorer #3 – Charles Hipwell

Born in 1810, Charles Hipwell was the earliest known born of all Australian Test Match scorers. He was born in Bermondsey in London. Bermondsey is located downstream from Tower Bridge. Like Hugh Kennon, he ran a public house in London, the Running Horse which is still in existence in Mayfair. He lived in Woolwich in Kent and emigrated to Melbourne in the early 1850s. In 1856, he started scoring for the Melbourne Cricket Club which he continued for the next 24 years. He scored most of the major matches in Melbourne during that time, including matches between Victoria and the touring English side in 1863/64 and the match between the Melbourne Cricket Club and the Aboriginal side in 1866. He also travelled as the scorer for the Victorian side to Sydney and Tasmania. Despite being the scorer for the Melbourne Cricket Club, he was not selected to be the scorer for the first two Tests held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. His one and only Test Match was the 1879 Test Match which he scored with William Plummer. In 1867, he was elected as a councillor for the Borough of Prahan and was elected as the Mayor from 1873 to 1874. Hipwell worked at the Carlton Brewery during his time in Melbourne and on the occasion of his golden wedding anniversary was presented with gifts from his workplace where he was “referred to as an old and well respected resident in Prahan.” In 1886, Charles Hipwell passed away at his residence in Prahan at the age of 75. He left a wife, Mary Ann who died 11 years later and three daughters.

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