Worldwide Cricket Statz Databases

I have been keeping Cricket Statistics for over 20 years and currently provide statistics for various state and national cricket organisations. I am proud to announce that I now provide statistics databases for the program Cricket Statz Professional that anyone can use.

Cricket Statz Professional is a now a free cricket results and statistics management system in which you can generate over 40 different statistical reports as well as full scorecards for every match in the database.

Below are the databases that I currently provide. They cover all International matches (both male and female), all List A matches from all nations, all First-Class matches from all nations (except England which is 1979 onwards, Pakistan and Sri Lanka which are nearly complete), all Twenty20 matches played around the world as well as various databases such as Youth ODIs, World Cricket League and the Australian Futures League and WNCL.

Although I strive for completeness and accuracy for all of my databases, there will be errors from time to time will happen in them. If errors are found and validated, the databases will be updated.

The cost of the databases include updates for 12 months and then purchase will then be needed to be made again to have access to the database. The databases are locked for editing and no changes can be made to the databases. Updates to databases will occur between 24-72 hours after the match has been played.

The prices for the databases are below:

$75 Databases:

Futures League, WNCL/AWCC, Afghanistan First-Class, Afghanistan List A, Ireland First-Class, Ireland List A, Namibia First-Class, United Arab Emirates First-Class, Youth ODIs, World Cricket League, Women’s ODIs, World Series Cricket, Namibia List A, Netherlands List A, Scotland List A, United Arab Emirates List A.

$100 Databases:

Bangladesh First-Class, Zimbabwe First-Class, Womens Twenty20, Women’s Overall Internationals, Australia List A, Bangladesh List A, India List A, New Zealand List A
Pakistan List A, South Africa List A, Sri Lanka List A, West Indies List A, Zimbabwe List A.

$125 Databases:

Australia First-Class, New Zealand First-Class, Pakistan First-Class, South Africa First-Class, Sri Lanka First-Class, West Indies First-Class, ODIs, Test Matches.

$150 Databases:

India First-Class, England First-Class, Twenty20, All Internationals, England List A.

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