New First-Class Cricketer from the ACT

Former ACT and Weston Creek Molonglo Cricket Club all rounder Tom Rogers will make his first-class debut for Tasmania in the second round of the Sheffield Shield season starting tomorrow. Rogers comes in for Andrew Fekete who has withdrawn from the squad for the match with a foot injury and Rogers has been diverted from making his Futures League debut for Tasmania to making his first-class debut against Queensland at Bellerive Oval.

Tom Rogers will become the 31st player to make his first-class debut after playing for the ACT. The initial first-class player from the ACT to play first-class cricket was Fred Johnston who played for New South Wales while a teacher in Canberra. The last player to play first-class cricket from the ACT was Aaron Ayre who made his debut for Victoria in 2015/16.

In addition to the 31 players to play first-class cricket, Greg Rowell (New South Wales, Tasmania & Queensland), Jason Floros (Queenland), Daniel King (Oxford University) & Ashley Ross (South Australia) have played first-class cricket but only represented the ACT at Youth Representative level.

He will also be the fifth player from the Weston Creek Molonglo club to play first-class cricket. The others being Michael Bevan, Huntley Armstrong, Jack Smith, and John Rogers who is Tom’s brother. They will also become the first set of brothers to play first-class cricket after playing for the ACT.

The list of first-class cricketers from the ACT are below:

Player ACT Debut First-Class Debut First-Class Teams
FB Johnston 1945/46 1946/47 New South Wales
JW O’Reilly 1952/53 1953/54 New South Wales
ML Clews 1969/70 1976/77 New South Wales
RP Done 1973/74 1978/79 New South Wales
WS Andrews 1974/75 1982/83 Western Australia
JK Pyke 1983/84 1985/86 South Australia
PD Bowler 1981/82 1986/87 Tasmania, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Somerset
MG Bevan 1987/88 1989/90 South Australia, New South Wales, Australia, Yorkshire, Sussex, Leicestershire, Kent, Tasmania
PS Gerrans 1978/79 1990 Oxford University, Combined Universities
GH Armstrong 1987/88 1990/91 South Australia
MT Haywood 1987/88 1991/92 New South Wales
JJ Haynes 1993/94 1996 Lancashire
MA Higgs 1993/94 1998/99 New South Wales, South Australia
BJ Haddin 1995/96 1999/00 New South Wales, Australia
MA Tournier 1990/91 2000 Combined Universities
SJ Karppinen 1993/94 2000/01 Western Australia
GT Cunningham 1998/99 2002/03 Tasmania
JA Voros 1995/96 2004 Sussex
JK Smith 2000/01 2004/05 South Australia
DG Dawson 2000/01 2004/05 Tasmania, New South Wales
DA McNees 2003/04 2004/05 Tasmania
DC Pascoe 2000/01 2009 Oxford University
JW Rogers 2005/06 2009/10 Tasmania, Western Australia
WD Sheridan 2005/06 2009/10 Victoria
RGL Carters 2008/09 2010/11 Victoria, New South Wales
NM Lyon 2008/09 2010/11 South Australia, Australia, New South Wales
JP Behrendorff 2008/09 2011/12 Western Australia
TC Thornton 2007/08 2011/12 South Australia
SP Miller 2009/10 2012/13 South Australia
A Ayre 2010/11 2015/16 Victoria
TS Rogers 2013/14 2017/18 Tasmania

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