New List A Cricketer from the ACT

Mac Wright today became the 27th player to play List A cricket (one day domestic or higher) after playing first for the ACT. This doesn’t include the 34 players who played for the Canberra Comets between 1997/98 and 1999/00.

The list of players who played List A Cricket after playing for the ACT are:

Mark Clews 1977/78
Richard Done 1978/79
Wayne Andrews 1982/83
James Pyke 1985/86
Peter Bowler 1986/87
Michael Bevan 1989/90
Huntly Armstrong 1992/93
Martin Haywood 1993/94
Jamie Haynes 1996
Stuart Karppinen 1997/98
Mark Higgs 1998/99
Brad Haddin 1999/00
Graeme Cunningham 2000/01
Mark Tournier 2002
Jason Voros 2004
David Dawson 2004/05
Jack Smith 2004/05
Darren McNees 2005/06
Wade Irvine 2009/10
Will Sheridan 2010/11
Ryan Carters 2010/11
Nathan Lyon 2010/11
Jason Behrendorff 2010/11
John Rogers 2012/13
Sam Miller 2013/14
Nick Winter 2014/15
Mac Wright 2017/18

Greg Rowell (1991/92), Jason Floros (2010/11) and Alex Ross (2012/13) also played List A cricket but did not represent the ACT at a senior level but represented the Territory at an Underage Youth Carnival/s.

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