Australian Test Cricket Scorers – Part 1

There have been 410 Test Matches played in Australia since 1876/77 until 2016/17. Of these matches there have only been 105 people who have fortunate enough to be an Australian Test Match Scorer.

The scorers in the first Test Match were H Kennon and William Plummer. Not much is known about H Kennon but William Plummer was a scorer for the South Melbourne club and was born in Sussex, England in 1837. These two gentlemen also scored the second Test Match.

The first scorers in a Test Match at the Sydney Cricket Ground were SW Daniels and EC Weller. Daniels went on to score another seven Tests while Weller scored another three.

The first Test Match at the Adelaide Oval was scored by George Gurr and Charles Hobbs. The match was Gurr’s only known Test Match while Hobbs scored one more Test.

Ninion Batchelor, a reporter for Associated Press, became the first Australian to score a Test Match in England when he scored the three Tests on the 1890 Tour.

Joe Taylor from Melbourne and Johann Jackschonn were scoring giants of the 1890s and 1900s. Joe Taylor scored all Test Matches at the MCG from 1884/85 to 1903/04, scoring a number of them on his own when the touring side did not have a scorer with the side.

Johann Jackschon is now known as the father of the linear sheet, having invented his method in the 1890s. Born in Prussia in 1846, Jackschon was a heavily respected scorer, often travelling from Grafton in northern New South Wales to score matches for New South Wales and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Lord Sheffield, the manager of the 1891/92 English touring side, presented Jackschon with a gold medallion in appreciation of his scoring efforts.

Joe Taylor, who also scored for the Melbourne Cricket Club, scored 11 Test Matches in his scoring career while Jackschon, who scored for the Mosman club scored 13 Test Matches.

Bill Ferguson, known as “Fergie”, has scored the most Test Matches in Australia and overseas for Australian and other Test nations. He became the scorer and baggage master for the Australian Tour of England in 1905 after striking up a friendship with the Australian Test Captain, Monty Noble. He continued scoring for Australian and other touring sides of Australia and other countries just up until his death in 1957. He scored well over 200 Test Matches in his career.





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