1st Organised ACT Cricket Competition

In 1914/15, the first organised cricket competition was held in the ACT or as it was then the Federal Territory. This was just over a year after the Federal Territory was proclaimed.

There were seven clubs in the competition which started on 14 November, 1914. Matches were single innings one day matches for all of the rounds.

The clubs were:
Ainslie – the same club competed in the first FTCA Grade Compeition and continued until 1968/69.

Brickbats – Later became Westridge and formed in the now Yarralumla area. Based around the Brickworks and it’s employees.

Canberra – Same club as was in the FTCA competition. Home ground was based around what was to become the Acton Racecourse.

Duntroon – The same club continued in the FTCA competition and was based around the Royal Military College and included both cadets and staff.

Hall – Based on the village of Hall and played at the Hall Showground.

Power House – the former name of the original Eastlake club. The club was based around the Canberra Powerhouse and included employees of the powerhouse.

Queanbeyan – the forerunner of the current club which plays in the 1st Grade competition.

The competition was played over 18 rounds with single day matches for each round. Six rounds were played before Christmas with the remaining rounds played from January 16.

The competition finished on April 10 with the Ainslie club becoming the initial premiers. Unfortunately World War I ruined any chance of a second season with many local players enlisting in the armed services. Interestingly there was a meeting of the Ainslie Cricket Club at Gallipoli as a large number of their players and their scorer were sent there after their enlistment.

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